Children’s Discipleship Programme

[During this season of Covid-19, please contact us before bringing your child to the programme.]

About the Programme

The Children’s Discipleship Programme (CDP) runs before the Sunday church service, from 9.30am to 9.55am during school terms. Our desire is to faithfully teach children the Word of God, using material that is engaging and theologically sound. The current schedule of learning is available below.

The Toddler/Pre-school and Primary School Programmes run on alternating weeks. Children of any age (including high school) are welcome to attend either programme, provided they can remain focussed and don’t provide a distraction!

Toddler/Preschool Programme

Aimed at 2 to 5 year olds. A simple message is repeated for 4 or 5 weeks, designed to introduce and reinforce fundamental biblical concepts relevant to the life of a toddler/pre-schooler. Lessons generally include a story from the bible, discussion based on visual aids, music time and prayer. If your child is able to sit relatively still and focussed, then they are welcome to join in! Parents/carers are encouraged to attend the lesson to help train their little one in this skill.

Primary School Programme

Primary School Programme: Aimed at Kindergarten to Year 6.  Lessons generally include reading from the bible, watching a short animated video, discussion questions and prayer. Children are encouraged to join in the discussion and apply biblical principles to their own lives.

Schedule – Term 3 2020

26 July (Toddler/Preschool)Hear the word of God and obey it!
I can help others.
Acts 3:1-6 The Lame Man Walks
2 August (Primary)Daniel 1 – Being a witness for God requires us to hold tight to our faith and stand bravely for what is right.
9 August (Toddler/Preschoo)Hear the word of God and obey it.
I can share with others.
Acts 4:32-37 Barnabas shares.
16 August (Primary)Daniel 2 – God is in control of everything.
23 August (Toddler/Preschool)Hear the word of God and obey it.
I can show kindness.
Acts 6:1-7 Food for widows
30 August (Primary)Daniel 3 – By faith, we trust God no matter how difficult life may get.
6 September (Toddler/Preschool)Hear the word of God and obey it.
I can tell others about Jesus’ love.
Acts 8:26-40 Phillip and the Ethiopian
13 September (Primary)Daniel 5 – Pride leads to destruction, but humility leads to honour.
20 September (Toddler/Preschool)Hear the word of God and obey it. Revision of term 3 lessons.

27 September, 4 October, 11 October
School holidays